• CONTRA research activities on German television

    As reported earlier, students of the University of Rostock has been researching the impact that mechanical beach cleaning has on local wildlife, particularly coastal birds along the German Baltic Sea coast. Activities were filmed and are now shown on German television as part of the NDR programme “Landpartie” (German language, min. 37:30).

  • Contra logo.

    CONTRA and beach wrack in the media

    CONTRA project partners Linnaeus University in Sweden as well as University of Rostock and Hanseatic Environment CAM GmbH in Germany actively promotes CONTRA and the topic of turning beach wrack to a resource and asset in the national, regional and local media. Read the local newspaper article here: (in Swedish). The national newspaper article […]

  • Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Science logo.

    Beach wrack residence time successfully monitored by the Institute of Oceanology Russian Academy of Sciences

    Knowledge of the beach wrack residence time on the seashore is an important aspect when it comes to understanding its role in coastal ecosystems and the potential of its prosperous utilization. The research team of the Institute of Oceanology RAS carry out the periodical expeditions at the seashore of Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia). In doing so, […]

  • Island of Poel provides fresh beach wrack for composting trials

    With the tourists’ return, the municipality Spa Administration on the Island of Poel in northern Germany, has also started to prepare the island’s beaches for the summer season. In the last few days, large quantities of fresh beach wrack have been collected by the building yard employees of the municipality. In parallel, Hanseatic Environment CAM […]