Case study: WRACOVER

Landfill bio-covers

Location: Køge Municipality, Denmark.
Lead: Municipality of Køge

WRACOVER is establishing a method for gathering and composting beach wrack. The case study is testing if composted beach wrack can be used in a biocover. A biocover is a compost-layer containing bacteria that can convert methane into carbon dioxide. The biocover will be established a local recreational area located near the beach in Køge. This recreational area was originally established on top of an old landfill and methane gases are leaking from certain areas. As methane is a greenhouse gas around 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide, a biocover can help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in Køge Municipality.

A seaside landscape.
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The CONTRA partners are from Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia and Estonia. The project runs from 2019 to 2021 and is supported financially by the European Regional Development Fund, ERDF.