Beach wrack – a problem shared is a problem halved

People ar conference hall.

On 21 October 2019, stakeholders from the German states of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (M-V) and Schleswig-Holstein (S-H) came together in Lübeck-Travemünde for a joint symposium on beach wrack management. Results from the S-H project ‘Pilot Region Baltic Sea Coast Schleswig-Holstein: Initiation of a beach wrack value chain as a measure to adapt to climate change‘ (POSIMA) were presented along with our ongoing CONTRA activities. The information exchange event also included two podium discussions on low treatment options, public/private cooperation to deal with large quantities as well as public awareness. A best practice example from the town of Eckernförde, which uses problematic beach wrack for dune formation as a soft coastal protection measure, gained a great deal of interest. Project partners KS-VTCtech GmbH (carbon neutral bio-coal) and Hanseatische Umwelt GmbH (fertilizer/soil improvers) both presented the latest CONTRA case study developments and their potential to deal with a large amount of beach wrack at short notice.

Collaboration between the M-V and S-H stakeholders on the topic of beach wrack management looks set to continue.

You can find the minutes of the meeting here (in German).
Learn more and watch the POSIMA Seegras & Co. videos (

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